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I thought Korver got a clean look
After that, James missed a fallaway, free-throw line jumper, a shot he routinely makes. About that shot, James said, "We had some really good looks. I had a turnaround jumper in the post fade-away, I make a ton, didn't go in."— Second, buy 2K MT Coins there was the Kyle Korver shot. With 52.5 seconds to play and Cleveland ahead, 113-111, James had Kevin Durant in isolation and patiently waited until Korver came free in the corner.

Korver, mind you, shot 51.0 percent on corner 3s this season, and the Cavaliers brought him to Cleveland in January specifically for this sort of moment. There will be those who bash James for what happened next — he passed to Korver, who missed the shot — but that's nonsense. He made the right play. Korver blew it."You want to attack the paint," coach Tyronn Lue said. "You want to put the pressure on them.

And if they helped, I thought Korver got a clean look. And just putting the pressure on them. If they help, you got to make the right play, which LeBron always does. And if they don't, then get all the way to the basket because they don't have shot blockers."— There was the Cavs' last chance, too.

With 12.4 seconds to play and Cleveland trailing by three points and NBA 2K MT Coins, the ball went to James in the right corner. As he raised up, Warriors guard Andre Iguodala reached in and slapped the ball from James, forcing the ball out of bounds for a turnover that sealed the game.No fatigue? James looked weary on that play. He spiked the ball into the floor after the whistle blew.

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I thought Korver got a clean look - mmogo - 02-09-2018, 08:13 AM

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